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With a focus on Community Wealth Building, SPUR Capital creates sustainable and socially responsible investment opportunities that incentivize long-term spending in low-income and distressed communities. This impact funding enables place-based support to encourage social and economic neighborhood revitalization in addition to financial return.

Funding programs are designed to directly advance the SPUR program priorities and strategic initiatives of affordable housing, sustainable agriculture and well-paying job creation along with supporting related services such as healthcare and vocational training, green construction and worker cooperative opportunities. Investors have the ability to target specific interests such as hydroponic farming, energy-efficient high-quality affordable housing, vocational training and accessible healthcare. Purpose-driven investment for at-risk populations such as homeless veterans and youth, opioid/addiction recovery, survivors of human trafficking, re-entry from incarceration, and low-income citizens is offered. This investment is positioned to help build wealth and create momentum and real change in communities that need a boost in their economic recovery efforts as well as offering an acceptable level of risk and return for the investor.

The capital procurement plan is multifaceted and will pursue grants, charitable contributions, membership dues, joint ventures with other non-profit organizations and governmental agencies, and partnerships with for profit enterprises that have mutual interests.

Partnerships with governmental entities and financial institutions may include CDFI’s (Community Development Financial Institutions) and CDE’s (Community Development Entities) to provide additional assistance with investment into these low-income communities. Some facilities may be able to make use of new market tax fund allocations.

Opportunity Zone Investment will be utilized in designing locations to support small business investment for entrepreneurs and affordable housing for families through offering a deferral of capital gain taxes for investors.


Financial return is also provided through the profit generation from organic food production.  The integration of green construction and vertical farming operation generates a unique benefit of low cost/ no cost housing units.  In addition, it contributes to solving food desert issues, creating healthy lifestyle opportunities and providing gateways for much needed related services. The well-paying jobs from the vertical farming operation combine to the mix to make SPUR a common-sense solution to a difficult set of socioeconomic problems.

Imagine a world where every town has its own local food source, grown in the safest way possible, where no drop of water or particle of light is wasted, and where a simple elevator ride can transport you to nature’s grocery store-imagine the world of the vertical farm.

The Vertical Farm: Feeding the world in the 21st Century by Dickson Despommier

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