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About SPUR

SPUR Concepts, LLC, established in 2016, uses a collaborative business model to create a self-sustaining, practical urban revitalization program through the integration of residential housing, inner-city job creation, and urban farming technologies. SPUR offers facility owners, both for profit and non-profit, a means to deliver no-cost/ low cost housing, healthy food choices in food deserts, targeted services to support the residents and community along with a sustainable revenue stream to ensure continuous funding.

Integrating industry experts, SPUR delivers best-in-class solutions to support the needs created by various socio-economic issues for at-risk communities such as aging-in-place, military veterans, opioid/ substance addicted, medically or economically challenged, homeless youth, re-entry of previously incarcerated and other permanent and transitional situations.

We cannot solve our problems using the same logic we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

The SPUR Concept




There is a growing need in urban areas to provide a better quality of life of the individual while reducing the strain on the environment. Sustainable Practical Urban Revitalization (SPUR) is the underpinning for providing opportunities for addressing inner-city employment, living wage jobs, affordable housing, food deserts, community health and medical services in one “green” structure.

The integration of an indoor hydroponic vertical farming operation above and optionally below a residential housing element provides the building owner with an income stream that can be utilized to offer additional benefits and services to the building residents and surrounding community.

Community Development and charitable organizations rely on the generosity of the public programs and private donors to afford the necessary funding in order to provide services to their desired constituents. By integrating the benefits of a year-round indoor farming operation with a residential component, the building owner, if it is in their purview, may utilize the profits generated from the production operations to offer services such as vocational training, health/medical services, lower housing rates, daycare services, discounted organic produce, and more.

Key components of the indoor farming operation that benefit the residential housing units are embodied in the building design and construction. The built-in efficiencies of the vertical farming operation provide cost offsets in traditional utility and mechanical operation.

The design of a multi-story multi-use building efficiently engineered on an urban site that will provide the most impact in a community or neighborhood is integral to any rejuvenation or revitalization. A one-acre site can afford a sustainable operation and multiple services for the residents and surrounding community.

The environmental elements such as green space and outdoor amenities provide stress relief for the individual. An on-site storm water management system benefits both the hydroponic operations and the community.

Investment in the SPUR concept generates a positive R.O.C. – RETURN ON COMMUNITY

A SPUR facility with street entrance to organic marketplace.


What does “SPUR” stand for?

Sustainable Practical Urban Revitalization

What is the purpose of the SPUR Concept?

To bring affordable housing, sustainable healthy food sources and living wage employment to at-risk communities under one roof while maximizing health and sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact.

What is the purpose of the SPUR Institute?

The Institute was initiated to provide training and support to the production teams for the SPUR facilities.  It will also educate on industry top practices to support best in class production operations. The Institute provides a location for the incubation and development of new concepts in produce and technology to maintain growth in opportunities for the facilities.

Who will live in the SPUR facilities?

SPUR facilities target at-risk populations such as military veterans, aging-in-place, opioid/substance addicted, medically or economically challenged, homeless youth, re-entry of previously incarcerated and other permanent and transitional groups.

What services does SPUR Capital provide?

Through many sources, SPUR Capital generates and directs social impact funding to assist with launching SPUR facilities created to provide affordable housing, jobs, and service for at-risk communities.

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