Sustainable Practical Urban Revitalization

About SPUR Institute

The SPUR Institute was established to develop a research, education, training, and incubation platform that will continuously support the SPUR concept while also extending its reach. The SPUR Institute will be a place where managers and staff of SPUR facilities will be trained and certified in production operations.

SPUR Concept Mission

Sustainable Practical Urban Revitalization (SPUR) is accomplished through a multi-purpose real estate concept in which SPUR enterprises are designed to address the issues of social inequality and human health, along with providing environmental and financial sustainability. Coordinating the objectives  of the residential, commercial, and indoor vertical farming services allows SPUR to maximize the societal benefits arising from integrating these purposes into a single location. This combination creates a self-sustaining affordable residential complex created to service a specific community.


Industry research facilitated and propagated to promote the SPUR Concept.


Managers and Staff are trained on the grow systems utilized for hydroponic organic produce cultivation. Continuous training on system developments and latest technologies to ensure best in class operations are maintained.


Food handling certification provided for staff.

Media Lab

Incubation and development of new concepts to extend the reach of latest technologies and processes to the entrepreneurial team.

SPUR Concept Community Regeneration

The SPUR Concept focuses on changing the current paradigm associated with urban community revitalization through the implementation of innovation, technology, commitment, and leadership.

  • Provides stable employment and training to allow citizens to survive and thrive, moving towards a more equitable income opportunity.
  • Incorporates new model for business community support of its citizens and neighborhoods.
  • Offers means for citizens to support a local chain of healthy consumables and services.
  • Delivers urban development that is self-sustainable and minimizes the ecological impact from a reduced carbon footprint.
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